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Introducing Origin Ether’s Balance Sheet on OETH Analytics Dashboard

October 17, 2023

The OETH Balance Sheet

Origin DeFi is proudly built on a bedrock of transparency and open access. Our robust analytics portal is constantly being updated to offer you deep insights into protocol performance and fund allocations. 

We’re excited to announce that a balance sheet page is now live on the OETH analytics dashboard. This fresh addition empowers users to seamlessly track Origin Ether’s reserves and strategy allocations, updated in real time.


The Balance Sheet tracks ETH reserves held by the Origin Ether vault.

Additionally, users can monitor deployments across the protocol’s Curve, Balancer, and Morpho Aave strategies. Importantly, the page also features WETH funds held in the Dripper, which handles yield distribution for rewards tokens.

Check out the Balance Sheet via OETH Analytics

Building Yield For Everyone

Origin DeFi’s ecosystem directly addresses CeFi’s many failings through comprehensive analytics, decentralized governance, and best-in-class security. 

Features like the balance sheet evidence our commitment to cultivating an accessible yield platform that empowers users to take charge of their investments. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to innovate one of DeFi’s strongest yield generating platforms.

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Yasthiel Devraj
Yasthiel Devraj
Originally released by Origin Protocol
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